Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Macedonia Baptist Church that members:

  • Actively seek the salvation of family, friends, acquaintances, and anyone in need of salvation through evangelism;
  • Actively seek to live a sanctified (set apart) holy life in thought, word, and deed;
  • Actively seek the Lord’s Perfect Will through a fervent prayer life;
  • Actively study God’s Word that you may be able to accurately and effectively communicate (rightly divide) it with others; and
  • Actively seek to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and His people.



To assist in carrying out this mission, Macedonia has vibrant and active ministries.  Macedonia’s ministries are designed to cultivate spiritual growth and development, both individually and collectively, and to encourage holy living in all areas of our lives, whether we are male or female, young or old, married or single.  It is also through our ministries that we seek the salvation of the lost and to minister to the needs of others through outreach.  The ultimate goal of every ministry of Macedonia is to win souls to Christ.


*        Administrative Staff - Sister Vickie Taylor & Sister Mercinda Witherspoon

*        Christian Education Ministry – Leader:  Sister Denise Oseni

*        Daughters of Virtue – Leader:  Sister Rosslyn Johnson

*        Deacon Ministry – Deacon Douglas K. McDaniel, Sr. (Lead), Deacon John Newell & Deacon Cynthia Young

*        Hospitality Ministry – Liaison*:  First Lady Marilyn Burton

*        Minister to Women – First Lady Marilyn K. Burton

*        Multimedia Ministry – Leader:  Sister Tonya Stanback

*        Music Ministry – Liaison: Minister Robin Jones

*        Security Ministry – Leader:  Brother John Thompson

*        Sons of David - Coordinator: Brother David Claybrooks, III

*        Special Events Coordinator – Sister Evelyn Ann Freeland

*        Sunday School Superintendent – Sister Robin Honesty

*        Teens Gone God – Teacher: Trustee Greg Stanback, Jr.

*        Transportation Ministry – Leader:  Trustee Greg Stanback, Jr.

*        Trustee Ministry – Trustee Tara McDaniel, Trustee Brenda Hardaway,  Trustee Greg Stanback, Trustee John Thompson, & Trustee Cynthia Young

*        Usher Ministry – Leader: Sister Arlene Blackwell

*        Young Daughters of Virtue – Leader:  Sister Jewelyn Williams